Greek Yogurt Ranch Sauce

Greek Yogurt Ranch Sauce |

Have you ever eaten something and felt it needed a sauce? Not in the sense that the food was dry and a sauce would add moisture, but that the food would just be above and beyond with a sauce of some sort on it? This blog is best friends with the Baked Zucchini Fritters from yesterday. The fritters were amazing, no lying. However. this sauce took those fritters out of this world. I love this sauce, and I’m betting you will too.

Ranch flavored things are delicious in my opinion. However, ranch dressing is loaded with calories and fat. This is a bummer because I typically like the flavor of ranch dressing. So, in order to make a sauce with the similar flavor but lower in calories I had to get creative. Greek yogurt is a perfect vehicle for many things: fruit, nuts. cereal, and ranch seasoning. I took a regular ranch dressing seasoning packet and mixed it into a small container of plain Greek yogurt. I know, I’m a genius and an innovator. I’m telling you, this sauce is perfect. It’s creamy, thick, and full of ranch goodness. If you aren’t a fan of packet spices, you could definitely make up your own spices and do it to taste. The possibilities are endless. This sauce is also delicious with the Buffalo Wing Pretzels from earlier in the week. Really, anything delicious with ranch is delicious with this. You just get protein and lower calories instead of fats and higher calories. Honestly, you can’t beat this sauce.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Sauce |

So there isn’t much of a recipe for this, as it just takes two ingredients. I bought a plain, 2% Greek yogurt and mixed in a standard size ranch dressing seasoning packet. You can use any plain Greek yogurt you want. I also mixed in the entire packet of ranch seasoning. This made it very flavorful, which I wanted. However, feel free to use as much to taste as you want. The flavors get stronger as it sits in the fridge, so just keep that in mind.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Sauce |

Yum. Do I really need to do any more convincing that this sauce rocks? It would be good with chips, pretzels, crackers, savory fritters, mozzarella sticks, potatoes, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s so creamy, rich, and cooling. It adds just the right amount of spice to an already great base. This sauce truly enhances flavors, and is just plain ol awesome. So, if you need a sauce for something you’re making and you don’t know what to do, make this. You won’t be disappointed! 

Greek Yogurt Ranch Sauce
Total calories: 230
Servings: Makes about 8 ounces


  • 7oz plain Greek yogurt (fat free or 2%)
  • 1 packet ranch seasoning mix


  1. Mix yogurt and ranch seasoning together. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. (This is very strong in flavor, and gets more flavorful as it sits. Feel free to use less of the packet.)

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