Easy Fried Potato Chips

Easy fried potato chips

Sometimes you just need a crunchy, crispy potato chip to solve all your problems. What could be better than that, you may ask? Well, I would argue that homemade crispy chips are more satisfying than store-bought chips. If you are in agreement, then boy do I have a recipe for you!

I have a few chip recipes in my arsenal (see my Baked Zucchini Chips, Baked Chips, or Baked Corn Tortilla Chips for healthier, non-fried recipes). However, this is the first fried recipe I have for chips. It is very simple and straightforward. I used a deep fryer, but a regular pot of oil would also work.

Feel free to experiment with your own seasonings on these chips. I used cracked salt and seasoned salt on the couple batches I made. You can make your own combinations. Ranch seasoning, BBQ seasoning, or simply salt and pepper would work great! You can also leave them plain if you are watching your sodium intake- they are delicious naked!

Easy fried potato chips

Easy Fried Potato Chips

Servings: Depending on the amount of potatoes you use, you can make as many chips as you need.


  • 4 large potatoes (I used golden, but you could use russets)
  • Salt
  • Oil for deep frying (you want one with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil)

Optional seasonings: garlic powder, chili powder, seasoned salt, vinegar powder, etc.


  1.  Wash and scrub potatoes thoroughly to remove all the dirt. Do not peel potatoes. Dry thoroughly on towels.
  2. Heat oil to 375 if using a deep fryer. If using stove-top method, heat to 375 and maintain at medium-high heat. If oil is too hot chips will become very dark- reduce heat in this case.
  3. Using a mandolin (or a very sharp knife and steady hand) slice potatoes thinly and uniformly. Place slices on a plate, and slide into fry basket or directly into the oil. Fry the slices in batches.
  4. Once you add the potato slices, let fry till the sizzling noise ceases and bubbling of oil settles down. Flip slices once in a while. Once done, wait for 2-3 seconds and remove the chips to drain on paper towels.
  5. Once you have finished frying all the slices, toss them in salt and whatever seasonings you prefer for your chips. Let cool completely. Eat fresh to enjoy them at their best!

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