Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp |

Recently a posted about how much I love chocolate desserts. However, Samuel generally prefers less-sweet desserts with fruit in them. Sounds easy right? Wrong. He’s pretty picky, whether he admits it or not. So, when I decided to make a delicious, apple crisp for dessert, I was surprised when Samuel said he wasn’t really a crisp fan. Well, I was determined to change his mind by making a perfect crisp.

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Apple Fritter Cookies

Apple Fritter Cookies |

One of my guilty pleasures is sweets. I love dessert. I’m one of those people who enjoys desserts all the time. Like for breakfast. Yes, I admit it: My name is Chelsea, and I like to eat sweets for breakfast. One of my favorite sweet breakfast items is donuts. I could eat donuts all day, every day. However, there aren’t a lot of donuts that are low calorie. So, I set out trying to find a way to get the flavor of donuts into a low calorie treat.

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