Chocolate Fudge Pie

Chocolate Fudge Pie |

I enjoy dabbling with different recipes in my kitchen. Over the last few months of my blogging experience, I’ve had a lot of fun trying new things. One of the foods I’ve enjoyed focusing recipes around is tofu. Granted, I’ve only posted one other recipe with tofu in it, Chocolate Silken Mousse. This was one of the first recipes I ever posted on my blog. In the spirit of that recipe, I made a new recipe involving tofu and chocolate.

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Chocolate Silken Mousse

Chocolate Silken Mousse |

Tofu seems to be a staple in the vegetarian diet. Well, except in my diet. Truth is I’ve only had tofu a handful of times in my life. What may be more surprising to some is that in nearly a decade of being a vegetarian, I’ve never made anything with tofu. I’ve never even purchased tofu. Samuel is not a fan of tofu in general, so this also had influence on my experimentation. Yes, tofu is very bland on its own. It definitely needs a lot of help in order for it to be considered delicious.

In order to transform the bland tofu into something worthy of the adjective “delicious,” I had to pair it with a very flavorful ingredient. Prepare yourself because you are about to think I am crazy. Ready? Continue reading