No Bake Chocolate Éclair Cake

No Bake Chocolate Éclair Cake |

Recently we have had some warm days around here. Warm days mean a warm kitchen. A warm kitchen means I don’t typically want to bake because it’s going to get too hot. So, to remedy this situation I wanted to experiment more with “no bake” recipes. I have a couple no bake recipes sprinkled throughout my blog, but they are cookies. This time, I wanted to make a no bake cake. 

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine Required)

Easy Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine Required) |

I recently had one of those moments where I thought of something I haven’t eaten in a while and I just had to have it. Well, unfortunately for me I wanted ice cream. And ice cream isn’t very healthy for you. So, I pondered on this for a while and tried to get over my need for ice cream. Needless to say it didn’t work. So I started looking into making my own ice cream. Turns out, it’s hard to do without an ice cream maker or machine. I don’t have such a thing. So, I found a way to make it, and the only machine you need is a stand or hand mixer.

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Easy Homemade Vanilla Granola

Easy Homemade Vanilla Granola |

I don’t often eat cereal for breakfast, but when I do, I prefer it to be on the sweeter side. I like crunchy, sweet cereals instead of bland, unsweetened ones. For this reason, I never really enjoyed granola. It always seemed weird to me to mix dry oats with milk. It didn’t seem like cereal. It seemed like a soggy mess to me. However, shortly after Christmas, Samuel and I went out for breakfast. On the menu was a house-made vanilla almond granola.  For some reason I was drawn to this granola for breakfast. It was entirely delicious, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

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Vanilla Wafer Cakes

Vanilla Wafer Cakes |

Merry Christmas Eve! Hard to believe it is that time again. In my quest to make simpler desserts around the holidays, I came across some posts about vanilla wafers being transformed into cakes. You may have seen these across Pinterest or on the boxes of vanilla wafers at the store. They seemed very easy, and this fit the bill of easy desserts to make before Christmas. I’m so glad I gave these a try!

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The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting

The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting |

This post is going to be best friends with The Best Soft Sugar Cookies from yesterday. In my opinion, sugar cookies need frosting. Now, frostings can be tricky. Some are far too sweet. Certain frostings taste too much like confectioner’s sugar. Some don’t hold up well. I have spent a lot of effort in finding the perfect sugar cookie frosting. And boy did I find it.

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Cinnamon and Vanilla Waffles

Cinnamon and Vanilla Waffles |

Waffles were always a fun treat for me. I have always loved the built in pockets that held butter and syrup in place. It’s like an edible prison for butter and syrup. Waffles are an amazing invention.

Now, I feel like I need to be honest here. I had never actually made a waffle before. Ever. We’ve owned a waffle iron for a few years, and Samuel has only used it one time. I didn’t even attempt to use it. I also haven’t made a waffle batter. I grew up eating pancakes, and the only time I ever had waffles was at a restaurant or out of the freezer.

Until now.

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